[guf ]
1. n. a foolish oaf; a goofy person.
Sometimes I’m such a goof. I really messed up.
Don’t be a goof. Get with it.
2. in. to use heroin or some other addictive drugs without intending to become addicted; to play around (with heroin). (Drugs.)
Gert spent the first few years just goofing.
She was goofing, and you know what that leads to.
3. in. to scratch, nod, and slobber after an injection of heroin. (Drugs.)
She just rocks and goofs for hours.
She has been goofing for an hour.
4. AND goof up in. to make a blunder.
Whoops, I goofed!
This time, you goofed.
5. n. a blunder; an error.
Who made this silly goof?
This goof is yours, not mine.

Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions. 2015.

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